About Us

Effects SportCare Supplements & Sportswear is a Canadian company based on Vancouver Island, established in 2016. We are athletes creating sport care for athletes.. Physical and emotional, we put our whole heart into this sport and lifestyle.  


Founder and CEO Cherish Thomas is a personal trainer, riding instructor and show jumper. She believes the hearts physical health and emotional health are paramount in this lifestyle. 

"When we walk into the ring it feels like our heart beat and their hoof beat become one. When we lose we feel it in our heart, When we win we feel it in our heart. Its our hearts emotional health that drives us to keep going and its our hearts physical health that allows us to. That's why I chose the heart beat". 

Cherish Teaches riders how to work out specifically for their riding needs. Her dream is to compete on her horse Kudos! at Spruce meadows.