Ambassador Program

 Ambassador Program 2021 :

Why be a part of our Ambassador program? Athletes and Influencers join these programs to widen their social circles, networking systems, receive recognition for their impact and to grow both professionally and personally. We are creating a loyalty ripple effect, a mutually beneficial program that grows our brand and our athletes.

The program will include $20 off our Hemp derived SportCare isolate and 15% off Effects apparel.

 Some things we are looking for when choosing Ambassadors to join our team:

- An established online presence or highly engaged network

- High level of professionalism for the brand and a passion for the sport/lifestyle

- Natural leadership skills

- A passion for building and growing relationships

 Ambassador Program available across Canada (Supplements & Apparel), available around the world (Apparel).  

 We encourage our ambassadors to tag us, use any of our #s #FeelTheEffects #teameffects #effectsequestrian and allow us to share their content on our social media. 


To apply please fill out below and answer a few questions :) 

1) Why do you want to be an ambassador for Effects? 

2) What value do you bring to team Effects and the brand? 

3) How can we help you reach your goals? 

4) Please list your social media handles and tell us a bit about yourself.