Effects Tincture CDB Isolate (30ml @ 2000mg)

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Effects SportCare CBD tinctures (30ml @ 2000mg cbd) are one of the mainstream cannabidiol products out there, and that’s what makes them such a popular choice. Our tinctures are of highest human grade quality. The marked and easy to use droppers along with our informed choice (for athletes) carrier oil is what makes us stand out from the rest. Being an isolate we have taken the extra step to extract and remove as much of the thc as possible (vs a full spectrum which still has up to .3 thc) We then get it lab tested to see its purity before bottling.

*CBD tinctures contain the CBD Isolate, which is very rich in cannabidiol and can aid in reducing inflammation and enhance relaxation. 

If taken with food or drink, expect a slower onset.  

All products are tested in a 3rd party lab.  



A baseline daily dose of approx 40mg/60mg daily. Anything over 100mg should be consulted with your vet. 



Pet weight Low dose Medium dose Strong dose
About 10 pounds 1 mg 3 mg 5 mg
About 20 pounds 2 mg 6 mg 10 mg
About 30 pounds 3 mg 8 mg 15 mg
About 40 pounds 4 mg 10 mg 20 mg
About 50 pounds 5 mg 12 mg 25 mg
About 60 pounds 6 mg 14 mg 30 mg
About 70 pounds 7 mg 16 mg 35 mg
About 80 pounds 8 mg 18 mg 40 mg
About 90 pounds 9 mg 20 mg 45 mg
About 100 pounds 10 mg 24 mg 50 mg

CATS We recommend giving a dose of 2-4 mg of CBD per 10 pounds for cats to start. This is twice the amount we recommend for dogs, but don't fret. Cat's don't have as many cannabinoid receptors as dogs so they need twice the amount to see the same effects.

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